Day 1 PS
despite the hazy day, I'd say things were ok. I still had a jetlag nagging me a bit, but busy schedule kind of shifted minds away :)
lunch were taken at the local teriyaki place near office. for a price, food was great; in both quality and quantity! I'd dare say it (I had mandarin crispy beef; kind of like tangsuyuk) was actually better than regular you'd have in Waterloo (maybe Toronto too). hehe and as usual, unfortunately, no food pic to prove this.

for a dinner, we went to crab pot. it's a neat place beside the pond; perhaps giving you more of this seafood restaurant atmosphere. well at least the sense of it, I mean

food itself was good; I'd say experience itself was better. all the crackings and smashings :)

and then,
there comes day 2. let there be work!

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